RainBridge's Network in a Box

The Company's patented highly scalable High Speed Backbone is watertight and blasts data through atmospheric water at 94 Ghz without disturbing a single drop or losing a single byte. Generating an amazing 300 Mhz of bandwidth, this is enough to carry: voice, data, 110 TV channels, plus AM and FM radio broadcasts. In addition, the system has profound satellite capabilities.

The Company's Last Mile and Last Foot wireless solution at 2.4, 5.8, and 94 Ghz is a "license free" spectrum that delivers 1.5 to 155 Mbps to the end user,with an astounding point to point range of OC-1 to OC-192. The Company's "Patent Pending" Total Security System is a military strength, user-controlled security envelope with a patented dual channel authentication, for the best security system ensuring preservation of the individual's constitutional rights, and privacy.

The Company's Total System Management is a front to back, top to bottom, 24/7 Management Software Suite including a complete deployment, testing, monitoring and billing platform. The platform operates across ALL current protocols, including ATM & SONET for voice traffic.

RainBridge is a true breakthrough in deploying next generation MSP "Multi Service Provider" Internet, LAN, WAN, VPN, Intranet, Extranets, systems. The cost savings and instant NIB setup will save Millions dollars and thousands of man-hours when extending, adding to, or starting new network systems. We can deliver "last-mile-solutions" that blow the feet off the competition before they start. Our system is a patented "Point Cast", "Broadcast" and a new "Anycast" technology with matching antenna pairs making the system extremely secure, going from point to point, and down into main existing LAN systems.

RainBridge is leading the way in providing integrated solutions to businesses by consolidating and simplifying services ... making dedicated, high-speed capabilities available and affordable in more places ... and most importantly, by putting your needs first.

RainBridge offers a complete portfolio of integrated solutions to meet your business and personal needs -- from voice and data private lines, to our powerful Integrated T-1 and ADSL up to OC3 and Gigabyte service.

Core Components:

1. RCW Ltd. 94 Ghz HighSpeed HighBand Width Backbone with 1,000 Mbps Gigabyte Throughput (Voice, Data, Video [TV]) 155 Mbps Equal to OC-3 Fiber Optic Cable and OC12
2. INEXSIS Securia and CIRRCA™ Security Suite: Secures all transmissions and all transactions using our scaleable key system for fast and high speed security for all data.
3. SOFTSWITCH 2.4, 5.8 and 94 Ghz Solution Suite at 11-1000 Mbps


  • Instantly assesses the effectiveness of network changes
  • Provides ability to change hardware and software settings remotely:
  • Change of speed, frequency.
  • Provides remote ability to upgrade devices over the network
  • Provides remote ability for testing the connection (Loop), reset connection and other,
  • Monitor real-time bandwidth utilization
  • Collect statistics by user, packet size, or protocol
  • Chart or list - only with the billing option in 9424IPP Link
  • Network activity display shows at glance critical performance information
  • Monitor multiple segments at one or many sites
  • Display local and remote network errors as they happen
  • Monitor devices over the Internet


  • State-of-the-art, fully redundant soft switching infrastructure
  • Physically diverse backbones
  • Excellent switch-to-switch interconnectivity
  • Efficient network performance and congestion management
  • 7/24 Network Operations Center
  • Exceptional reliability
  • Fault-tolerant performance
  • Excellent Value
  • Two-layer network redundancy
  • High-speed automatic rerouting


Your Wait is Over
Empower your network, liberate your organization from the constraints of traditional telco services. RainBridge offers fiber speeds for LAN-to-LAN and Internet connections. Now the benefits of fiber-optic communications are available to businesses and buildings of all sizes.



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