RainBridge Networks, formerly the 9424 Intl. Project, is a corporation that is being established by James R. Bohdi, having developed and researched the business plan for RCW Developments Ltd. Along with its founders Roscoe and Kevin Williams. Mr. Bohdi has secured the exclusive worldwide commercial rights for a revolutionary new information transmission technology, which will be assigned to the Company and developed, manufactured and marketed by an experienced and competent management team.

About RainBridge
RainBridge has a revolutionary new wireless technology, which will allow the Company to provide network broadband connectivity beyond the currently available Last Mile/Last Foot wireless solutions. Using our breakthrough Wireless Technology, we create a metropolitan area network (MAN) to connect local area networks (LANs) and the nation's wide area networks (WANs) at gigabit speeds. RainBridge's new wireless technology will allow you to liberate your employees to work as one Team. Now, work groups separated by distance are freed from the constraints of low, local loop, small bandwidths and can share ideas at unrestricted speeds and incredibly low costs. Productivity lost waiting for sluggish applications to respond, files to transfer or data to download is replaced by responsiveness and instant communication. Bringing the WAN up to LAN speeds, RainBridge "bridges" the performance gap created when expensive street trenching to lay fiber isn't realistic.

RainBridge's new Wireless Technology is the result of years of research and hard work. Our innovative system has sent he light of day mainly due to the efforts of Dr. Roscoe Williams, a scientist of international standing with an impressive record in applied science, especially in the miniaturization of electronics. Dr. Williams found time to miniaturize the Geiger counter for Canadian Aviation electronics, when working for his doctorate. 64 patents have been granted within the last year and a half.

At Bell Labs, Dr. Williams worked on the Essex team, which built the first telephone system using all solid-state digital technology. Moving to RCA Laboratories at the David Sarnoff Research Center at Princeton, New Jersey, Dr. Williams was the first to miniaturize the ruby or optical laser. This has contributed directly to the myriad of medical, military and consumer uses for which the laser is so commonplace today. At Hunting Engineering Ltd. In the UK, Dr. Williams was section leader of the Sensors Guidance and Control team where he was instrumental in designing Smart sub-munitions.

More recently, Dr. Williams was Group Leader and principal engineer for radar systems for British Aerospace. He remains an independent consultant to the UK Ministry of Defense on radar and microwave technology applications.

The Micro Radar technology Dr. Williams has developed and patented is the culmination of his unparalleled career in radar sciences and its applications. His is the only miniature, temperature stable Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Micro Radar system developed worldwide and is what gives RainBridge its differential advantage as it is applied to wireless communications.

The Future
New systems will be at the forefront…



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