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At RainBridge we have been working with Roscoe C. Williams Developments Ltd. since 1996. Using modified radar FMCW to send enormous amounts of data over great distances, unaffected by weather conditions - RAINBRIDGE could be the next generation wireless transmission system. Using our revolutionary wireless technology, it combines lightning speed with enormous bandwidth. With its unique Anti-Rain Fade (ARF™) feature, it delivers 100 Mbps network power at an extremely low cost.

RAINBRIDGE provides leading edge technology that repaves the road ahead for communication applications that are tailored to suit every business application and personal need. Just imagine, more bandwidth than you ever imagined, when you want it, without costing you, your entire IT budget for the next year.

Inexsis was created to help businesses work with their customers and handle client transactions in a positive and progressive model, by protecting their privacy with a suite of security and compression systems and tools. The company has developed and patent pending proprietary software and business processes that facilitates Internet purchases for business and for individuals that will allow them to perform transactions over the Internet with no requirement to provide sensitive financial information. In essence, this is a by-pass technology that facilitates purchases on the Internet and will allow the "confirmation" of payments to occur with a process completely independent from the Internet. By doing so, it allows sensitive financial information to be maintained on a bank supported Data Center, such as Visa and MasterCard in use today and will never require financial information to be provided on the Internet.

And now offer a convenient e-Commerce solution that actually solves all of the existing issues surrounding the placing of "private" information on the Internet, which is an "absolute public" network. Inexsis is a paradigm shift from the traditional security industry and e-commerce security solutions. Inexsis has been in the security field for years, and has relied on creating something other than encryption for its own security.

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As in all new technologies the need for clear and exact marketing is essential, so ASDI in partnership with, found the need to develop Internet web and marketing tools and skills, and has leveraged these for the benefit of our selves and our clients
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